Teambuilding program

Organizing a teambuilding can be as easy as going to a restaurant, though the experience you leave with is guaranteed to be way much more than that.

Bring your team together in the world's first gastro-tech DIY restaurant, where the staff having more than a decade of teambuilding organisation experience takes care to make this occasion 100% successful.

najlepsi teambuilding v bratislave
firemny teambuilding

You become star chefs all at once!

Everything starts as in an ordinary restaurant with the only remarkable difference that here instead of receiving your ready meal, you get a plate with all the ingredients carefully proportioned, prepared and arranged that you need for your meal. Everyone gets access to the cooking instructions via the playful video application guide and the gastro adventure already begins!

The releasing creative cooking is a unique way for a successful teambuilding which is entertaining and supports loose interactions at the same time.

An eventful professional teambuilding

The goal is to create together and share amazing quality time. To reach this, we offer a cosy but exclusive restaurant environment, an experienced professional management staff and an entertaining experience based gastro-tech service.

firemny teambuilding vecera
teambuilding bratislava

Organizing and event management from A to Z

If you managed to choose a great teambuilding program, the only thing you need is a smooth organization process, a well-structured management and a quality experience to share which all are our responsibilities. You don't have anything else to do, but making sure that your team arrives to our venue.

Makery has an experience of more than 1,000 successful teambuildings organized with maximalized attention from A to Z. Our staff ensures you that you will gain the highest level of satisfaction and recognition of your team thanks to our outstanding gastro party.


We kindly ask our groups to arrive 10 mins earlier, latest at the starting time at the restaurant.

Like at any other restaurant, everybody chooses their preferable meal form the menu, which has to be sent to us via email 5 days before the event. (last modification is 24h before the event) After this, everybody will get their ingredients of the meals measured. Suddenly everybody turns into a chef and the game starts: the creation of the food...(Please do not get scared, a tablet will help you through the recipe!) Finally, everybody can serve, offer and eat their food proudly!

1 DIY meal

30 Eur / Person
  • Welcome Snack
  • 1 DIY main course

2 DIY meals

38 Eur / Person
  • Welcome Snack
  • Appetizer/Dessert
  • 1 DIY main course


non-alcoholic drinks
10 Eur / Person
  • Soft drinks
  • Lemonades
  • Coffee, Tea


alcoholic drinks
17 Eur / Person
  • Beers, Wines
  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee, Tea


premium drink package
32 Eur / Person
  • CAN

This is the best choice for you if

  • You are looking for a dynamic program that everyone can attend without any special need, without exception.
  • Helping the team forget their employment relationships - thanks to the individually accomplished identical activities as everyone creates there own meals separately - is important to you.
  • You want a program where there is no leader and assistant, no problem solved in a good or bad way. No-one can make a mistake in Makery, as no-one can spoil a meal, either.
  • You are looking for a comfortable program - comfortable meaning 0 headache, no extra organisation, no tools and additional supplies, and still, the experience is memorable and fulfilling.
naj teambuilding pre firmy
restauracia na teambuilding

Leave it to us!

In Makery we organize and manage more than one hundred teambuilding events yearly with high success rate.

Our precise and experienced staff takes care of all the whole management from the administration to the realization.

We stand at your disposal if you have any extra or special requests, either.

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