rozlúčka so slobodou Bratislava

Hen party in the city centre

Farewell to freedom is coming. We believe the reason you are here on this page is because you are honoured with the duty of organising this party for your girlfriend or sister.

It means a lot of responsibility to deal with, but it also means that your team trusts you and knows that you can organize a fun and unique program for both the girls and the bride. You've come to the right place on this page and we're here to help! This will be the best bachelorette party you will ever experience.

You'll become cool chefs

At Makery Bratislava, you don't have to be a good cook to create amazing dishes. For the dishes you choose from our menu, you will get all the ingredients you need. They will be prepared and arranged nicely in small containers on a wooden board. In addition to our friendly and professional staff, you'll also have a video tutorial on your tablet to help guide you through the entire creation process. We guarantee that the result will be 100%-not amazing for you all!

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Najlepšia Rozlúčka so slobodou

An unforgettable hen party program

Don't take the cooking part too seriously, this activity is more about special play and a memorable occasion. But of course, you can learn while you play too. That's why our Makery Bratislava team is giving a surprise to the bride in the form of a gift voucher for the newlyweds for a romantic DIY dinner (with a 25% discount).


39 / Person
  • 1 DIY main course
  • 1 Welcome shot
  • 2 chosen drink
  • A 25% discount card for the bride at the restaurant
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A successful event!

We know exactly how big a challenge it is to organize a hen party enjoyable for everyone, memorable and at a good price.

We also know what you need to gain success in this project! The key for success is: you cook together in a new and cool environment, we wait you with welcome drinks to cheer up the atmosphere, we let you decorate the restaurant to make the space more unique for your team, and our professional and experienced staff makes the whole program run smooth from A to Z. We are here for you if you have any special needs or ideas, as well.

A stylish cocktail party

Hopefully every woman has only one hen party in their lives, so we take it as our mission to make the most out of it. If you are longing for a more elegant but fun program, you will love our cocktail party offer, too.

You choose the DIY cocktails you like the most, we serve you all the ingredients on wooden plates and by following the video app guide, you can start mixing your fancy-classy cocktails!

Restauracia Na rozlúčku so slobodou
rozlúčka so slobodou Bratislava

Relax, and leave it to us!

We are proud of hundreds of 100% successfully organized hen parties we hosted in Makery that made hundreds of brides and friends really satisfied and happy.

Your friend and the celebrating team will love the Makery gastro adventure, as well, for sure!

If you know already the date of the special day, write us, ask us anything, we are here at your disposal!

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