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DIY Birthday Party

Birthdays should be celebrated with pride and style. Is your birthday or the birthday of someone special for you getting closer?

If you’d like to organise an outstanding and unique party which is really memorable and if you prefer high quality and fun active programs, make this day even more special in Makery.

How to imagine the Makery birthday party?

Celá DIY reštaurácia s kapacitou pre 24 osôb môže byť tvoja, alebo si môžeš rezervovať stoly podľa počtu pozvaných osôb. V Makery Bratislava sa z vás stanú šéfkuchári a naraz uvaríte chutné jedlá, ktoré si na záver môžete spoločne vychutnať.

The cooking part is far less serious than it sounds. You’ll have a fun time putting all the measured, chopped and prepared ingredients together with the playful guidance of our video application.

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What if one guest doesn’t like cooking?

The main fear around organising a birthday party is whether everyone who matters for you will enjoy the program that you propose. The good news is that even the most sceptic guests who don’t even like cooking have a great time in Makery, so you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

Have a birthday cake as never before

Above creating amazing meals by choosing individually from our menu your favourite starter and main course, and having the opportunity to mix premium fresh icy and fruity DIY cocktails as well, you can create your own unique birthday cake all together in the end.

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How does it work?

You don't have to be good cooks to create stunning meals in Makery. You will get all the ingredients prepared and nicely arranged in small pots on a wooden plate for the meals you choose from our menu. Above our kind and supportive staff you'll also have a video application guide on a tablet that will help you through the whole process of creation. We guarantee that the result will be 100% amazing for all of you!

A kitchen party that releases everyone

Makery parties are less about cooking, and more about a creative social experience. You can touch the tension when you go to an ordinary restaurant with all your friends who not necessarily know each other. It takes a lot of time to loosen up, but in Makery this process is super quick thanks to its character. This is an active program, where people face a fun challenge that they have to accomplish. No embarrassing small talks or extra care from your side to assure that everyone feels good are needed.

Makery narodeninova party

Make your or your friend’s birthday really nice by choosing a creative program. Ask for our offer night by filling the form.

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